How Do You Effectively Share Your Core Values?

eos tips eos™ tools Nov 17, 2020

Author: Zack Swire

How do you live and breathe your Core Values as a company?

Before we go there, let's make the assumption that you have the right core values. If you're not sure, then you've probably got work to do there. We have an incredible way to gut check and test your core values, but let's save that for another time. 

Before I dive in, I recommend you watch Gino Wickman's six-minute recap on how to deliver the Core Values speech:

Your Core Values speech should be delivered in about 5 environments, but there can certainly be others too:

  1. when you rollout EOS to your organization
  2. in your quarterly state of the company address
  3. when hiring new employees
  4. during the review process with employees
  5. at some point, to your vendors to ensure they're in alignment too

But, do note, each environment will have a bit different delivery and tone.

Today, I'll focus on the rollout and/or quarterly state of the company speech. Here are a few pro tips on delivering your Core Values speech:

  • YOU can bring them to life or make them drudgery. Consider your energy, passion, and excitement when sharing them. Is your team leaning in or nodding off?
  • You want your team to truly feel the HEART of each core value. If you read it like a phone book, it won't stick. 
  • Consider what Gino shared about providing "stories, analogies, examples, past history, anti-values, that really help make the point... explaining what the core values mean in lots of different ways."
  • If you say, "memorize them, here's a wallet card", it's not bad, but it rarely works without living them out and celebrating folks for sharing and using them.
  • Your team needs to see themselves as part of your future — living and breathing your core values. Make sure your speech resonates with them and brings them in and along with you. 
  • Some companies make their employees feel like you have to be part of the club or senior team to be the best at your company's core values. Of course, that's not their intention, but it does happen. You want everyone living, breathing, and being celebrated for your core values. It's not exclusionary in any way.
  • An effective speech can build culture, increase energy, and show your team you truly care... if you treat it as such. Write it, practice it, practice it again, and deliver it with all the passion you've got - the passion that drove you to start your company or take on that leadership role.

After the speech, some additional tips...

  • Continually remind yourself and your leadership team of your Core Values. It's your leadership team's job to live them out fully. It's not words on a page when it's actively seen and experienced day-in and day-out.
  • I like to have the V/TO up daily and glance at it as I start my day. Consider where your team sees these values and make it a habitual part of your routine. If you use, I recommend starting with Ninety open daily anyway - to check your rocks and To Dos, so that you plan your work and work your plan every day. Just make it a habit, bookmark it, and start there.
  • Here are two ways that EOS Worldwide reinforces our Core Values  — at EOS Quarterlies and via Slack, we celebrate our peers by calling them out for our core values. Via Slack, they've installed a plugin where anyone can call out a peer and celebrate them.

Lastly.... make it powerful! 

  • It's all up to you, your energy, your love of your company and your people, and what you ask them to do in being part of this journey together. 
  • If you set the bar at a mediocre level, that's where they'll rise (if that). Instead, excite them, challenge, them, and show them you care
  • Ask them all to be truly outstanding in what they do and how they live out your core values. Not just excellent. And, certainly not just good enough. Good enough gets you poor outcomes. Even excellent work gets you decent results. But, outstanding work, in living and breathing your core values, gets you the results you're seeking.  

I could go on-and-on about Core Values, but we'll stop here for now. If you feel you don't have the right core values or have questions in relation to your core values, let's talk - use this link (for a limited time) to book 15 minutes with me at no cost -  Here are the questions we'll quickly go over. Then, I'll provide a specific recommendation for you. 

  1. Do you have core values? 
  2. If so, what are they?
  3. Are you happy with your core values?
  4. Do you hire, fire, and reward based on them?
  5. Does your team live and breathe them?

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